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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  September 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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first at 6, the patriots are back and the count-down to kickoff is on. jimmy takes the reins in his first career start. the pats will be a little shortly handed. >> they'll not let it them. >> reporter: the entire football world will be watching tonight as jimmy makes his first start. it's absolutely a rough test for him facing a super bowl favorite
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sunday night. >> ones you lose the butterflies it's when you should hang them up. >> do you get butterflies? what are you like on gameday. >> no, it'll be good. it will be late at night. i'll have to drink a bunch of coffee. >> for more on his cart and who will be there to help him, we have live >> >> reporter: things have changed since super bowl xlix. no tom bread. >> wilson. >> reporter: the last time the patriots were in arizona,
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super bowl star. >> reporter: he found -- he was relevant to know that it will be his show the next four weeks. >> it's me and kobe. it's different without tom, no question about it, but it is what it is at this point. >> no brady and no graph for >> reporter: he's been working a lot, even the past years. we've got a lot of reps together. so iron did as far as evaluating him, i can say that he works hard and he's grown up a little bit over these last couple years. >> shorthanded and a heavy underdog.
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reason the patriots is the most consistent in the nfl for past decade and a-half. >> it's a group of guys that are on the team e.-step up and do what they can do. >> reporter: running back a lot of attention on jimmy garbage low. the you price -- price on his stock will go way it's also a tall task for the patriots' defense tonight faces one of the highs coloring offenses. we'll have more on that coming up in 7 sports. >> thank you. i think we've well, established that the pats will be without tomorrow brady. >> tonight the commission
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>> reporter: roger guyed heard a lot of things this morning, but the subject most fans will be interested in is deflate game. most fans won't like what the commission had to say. >> can you look me in the eye and tell me if that you got this right? >> yes. >> reporter: defending it on "the today show." he right. >> the appellate court say listen, it's compelling, it's not over current temperature evidence here. it's absolutely no question that the -- that the destruction of evidence should be considered in the context of this. we clearingively argued the process. i can't think of an issue that has been more litigated, by the way. >> reporter: he said on the
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might seal his fate. >> i actually think it's a great opportunity for the players to come together and recognize that all the things we have negotiated, and if we negotiate hopefully a cva extension, that we as players to come together to really stand up for the things he believes in. >> reporter: he was asked if he deserved a four-gameses pension. >> every player, every team, is subject we don't have rules for mark key players or teams. >> more on that coming up on "the today show" on wednesday. >> remember that 7 is your home for patriots' continuing coverage. you can see 7 on the sidelines with live reports from arizona right after this.
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trees getting blown over as a strong storm roofs through. that is jamaica plain. power and wind creating a lot of damage. >> reporter: so we want to get a closer look at some of this afterwrath. >> the storm didn't last long, but it's been a real headache for the people who live here on tower street. if you look behind me, that is where the tree that fell down has already been landed right on top of this van causing some cracks and damage to this windshield. the cleanup begins after a storm moved through the boston area bringing wind and rain caution trees to topple over. in jamaica plain this tree blocked part of this street. >> i looked out of the window. >> reporter: she uses a
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>> the second time in two months something has fallen on her car. >> i don't understand how it could be. >> reporter: more damage in newton. >> we were just in church. didn't think i'd come out and see a large tree on my car. >> the tree came crashing down a fence and sidewalk landing on top her s.u.v. >> we didn't even hear anything, wind, any noises of a tree fall >> reporter: a tree ripped from its roots at this cemetery. this block -- road is blocked off with cones after a tree fall made it impossible. >> people could have been hurt. we're fortunate that nobody was hurt. >> reporter: there's a concern in this neighborhood about rotting trees. this is one of several that came
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storm that there could be much more receiver damage. >> for know those storms giving way for a picture perfect evening in boston. >> reporter: yes, powerful front moving through. here is why we had all the wind and tree damage across southern new england. the roots, the trees, they can't old on the ground. the 45 to 50 miles per hour with us, normally it would be okay. look damage in central boston. this has blasted offshore and now we republican the benefits. lows in the upper 40s. we'll talk more in the week ahead in the next few minutes. people in boston taking time to honor those who lost their
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i'm on the seaport where at 7:00 a candlelight vigil and a mass will be held to honor those in iraq who lost people in new york. >> reporter: it's a day where everyone knows where they were -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> what they were doing and who they were with. -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> reporter: today 15 years after the 9/11 attacks, people gathering, remembering the lives taken. inside the statehouse, an emotional tribute to the 206 victims with ties to massachusetts. peg's husband john was captain of american airlines flight 11.
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the north tower of the world series with a gaping and smoking hole and then horrified as the airliner hit the south tower. >> story after story of loss weighing heavily on the governor. >> reporter: the thing about this -- these moms and dads didn't get to watch their kids or the kids who didn't get to grow up with their parents. hope we never forget. >> reporter: at the public garden a wreath laying ceremony 0911 memorial. >> today is a somber day, but it's also an opportunity for us to look back and because and have reflections. we honor your family members' special legacies. >> reporter: christy lost her husband jack on flight 11.
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time to move on. well, we've moved forward over the last 15 years, but we never move on. ? [ singing ] ? ? [ singing ] ? >> tonight's mass and vigil set to get under way at 7:00 on the seaport. president obama paying his final stibb truth to the victims and here's of 9/11 today. there was a moment of silence and he laid a wreath at the site. he reflected on the changing nature of fighting extremists. >> we know that our at this
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telling is not a weakness, it is still and always will be one of our greatest strengths. >> and in new york, thousands of people gathered world trade center memorial. the names of the nearly 3,000 victims were read during the ceremony. two moments of silence were observed at 8:06nd the health scare for hillary clinton, she had to leave the service early, appearing to maybe paint or had wobbly legislation. and breaking news just moments ago, the clinton campaign released a statement from her doctor and said she hasna phobia
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>> reporter: her legs buckling leaves the 9/11 memorial. her security team and assistants hoisting her up and into her s.u.v. she stayed at the hospital about 90 minutes. she was feeling overheated, so says -- so she went to her daughter's apartment. she reassured the group of concerned supporters. >> are you feeling better. >> yes, thank you so much. >> reporter: questions surrounding trail recently. her opponent donald trump questioned about the collapse. >> is her health good this morning? >> no comment. >> reporter: in a statement released moment ago doctors say she was diagnosed with fan, yeah, on friday, treated with antibiotics and today's dizzy spell was caused by dehydration and is quote recovering
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a stranger ranges a wild and
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a cargoes up in flames early this morning. the woman was taken to the hospital after she was pulled out. >> you got to love these fall cold fronts. the dew point is 40s and 50s and for most if not all of the week the dew points way down there.
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crisp and cool. mostly cool. temperatures between 47 and 57. these will be the temperatures about 6:30, 7:00 tomorrow morning. about boston 58. everyone else you were 40s lower 50s and for tomorrow, fantastic. lots of sunshine, a leftly breeze. temperatures tomorrow 74 to 78. city around 78, seacoast, 70s, worsester hills, pittsburgh 75, and on the cape and islands. and nantucket at 77. high pressure is with us for the next several days. this will be the next weatherspoon. another cool front. this will come to new england wednesday and thursday. low temperatures on friday morning, low-to-mid 40s with
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the count-down to the patriots and cardinals just two hours away. doing it without rob gronknowski. keeping it a low-scoring fare tonight. devon will be a key factorn averaged 30 points per game. mack cordy fresh off reconstructing his contract friday. explaining why the cardinals' offense is so difficult to contain. >> you can't really zero in on one guy or two guys. you got to be prepared to kind
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they only got about four or five that roll in there. we're going to all need to play well as a group to even try and contain the offense and keep them off the board. jimmy garoppolo has a lot to proof and more to gain. how they'll try to cardinal defense. -- [ indiscernible ] -- we just saw it with the vikings, desperate to find one. first-round pick to philadelphia in exchange for a very average chad bradford. jimmy garoppolo could turn into that same kind of asset. >> for jimmy garoppolo these
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future. either he'll be the replacement for tom brady or brady will be playing until he's 97 years old, or get the trade pick with first-round draft picks so there's a lot in this case for him to look good, not only himself and the team, but the organization. his value, if he plays well is going to go way up. teams are going to trade for them. >> reporter: and jimmy's first career start going to be thrown tohe the offensive line disked up. no problem out there. for a young quarterback that lacks the experience to excel in this kind of environment. back to you. rod suspended for the first four games still inking in a -- an extension. a restructuring allowing him to
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of 1.5 and receive a 11.$5 million signing bonus. patriots and cardinals are kicking it off right other on seven nbc tonight. we'll get you ready for the pregame show. we'll have postgame coverage immediately following the game today. the red sox getting it done the red sox sitting in first place in the al east with three games to go. jackie brad arely jr changes that quickly. three-run shot. red sox on top 4-1. we go to the both of the third. clay could not hold that lead after walking in a run. next destroyed.
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toronto jumps on top. in the fourth, the red sox climb back. bow garths rips a single up the middle. big hit there. in the bottom of the frame another answer. absolutely crushes this. a two-run shot, his second of the day. 8-6. it was 8-seven when david ortiz adds another clutch run. a 535th career. the red sox had a 10-seven lead. craig kimball. red sox win it sin-8 taking a two-game lead in the al east. the patriots pregame show 7 on the sidelines coming up in
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power shouldn't come from money and influence. power comes from the people. i'm mark connolly, as your financial regulator, i went... after big corporations when they did wrong.
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i'll take on the drug companies that caused this crisis... and protect planned parenthood to protect women's healthcare. the power is in our hands to make new hampshire safer... and stronger. mark connolly.
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>> i'm -- [ indiscernible ] -- it's been week to week, day-by-day. >> you are looking live inside the stadium where the patriots will kick off the regular season in just understood two hours without the franchise's two most important players. welcome to our seven on the


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